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Coyote Kiss

Thank you very much for coming to help me learn about Muffin's "issues" AKA "my lack of dog knowledge" the other night. I learned so much from you which I would have never figured out by reading books etc. I have been really paying close attention to his body language and have been really amping up my supervision of the dogs. I've learned to let go of my "everything fair" thinking and am applying my new thinking of "what does each dog need" and it seems to be working. Muffin does give us lots of signs now that we are aware of what to look for in his body language. He has been coming to us for much more petting than before and is snuggling up and liking us like a little puppy now. I loved him before but he is just truly adorable when he's doing that.

It's amazing how the things I thought were important for my dogs aren't, and the things that are, I didn't even notice. You've opened up my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. You have made my life richer and saved Muffin's life. I could never thank you enough. Thank you. TORONTO, ON

Hi Joan,

I just wanted to let you know that Butch has improved greatly in the last couple of months. He's MUCH better when we have guests over and we haven't had any aggressive reactions. Thank you SO much for all of your advice. SCARBOROUGH, ON

Hi Joan,

It's been about 6 months since you were here and Snowy is a different dog. Everyone who knew him before can't believe how much he has improved. So thank you for all your advice, it's working. Thanks again Joan. You've made a world of difference for Snowy and me. Every time someone asks me how I trained him, I direct them to your website and seminars. PICKERING, ON