One On One In-Home Behaviour Consultations

• 90 minute in person consultation at your home. The first part is discussion, program building, and education. I use a collaborative approach with owner input to build an overall strategy for successfully changing, managing, or eliminating problem behaviors. The key to success is to clearly understand together which owner goals are realistic, which may need to be rethought, and what the owners are comfortable and able to do to achieve these. I work “with” you not “at” you. You are an important and respected part the process.

• Hands on work - there may be shorter periods of hands on work, including a leash walk or training where applicable during the consultation

• A Custom Canine Behavior Consultation Report. This report is the most time consuming (for me) aspect of our meeting. While I take notes during the meeting, it is afterwards, at home in my office that the real work begins. This report is typically between 40 to 70 pages. The first section is the personalized summary of findings and recommendations from the consultation that day. This section may be between 15-25 pages. Section 2 is a Training Guidebook, which gives you an overview of the terminology and techniques in successful training and behavior modification. Section 3 is a highly detailed step by step breakdown of some of the specific recommended training exercises for your dog. Many of these include photos to help guide your work. Section 4 is a collection of additional handouts to assist you in your work. The handouts are a combination of things to do and of FYI.

• Free e-mail follow-up - You are entitled to e-mail follow up questions at no charge after your consultation. If anything arises, or someone gives you advice, I’m happy to support you and help clarify where I can. If you feel that you would like to book a follow-up one-hour appointment for a training walk or to help tweak your work as you go, you may book those separately on the website.