Hello Joan,
All information well received. Thank you! It was really nice to spend Sunday afternoon with you. This was the very first time that I feel so relaxed having a class / consultation with a professional pertaining our four legs kids. It was fun instead!! Thank you for making it easy for us. Will definitely keep you posted their progress.
With warmest regards, W


Hi Joan,
It has been almost 2 full years since you worked with us and our rescued golden, Marja. We think of you often and are ever grateful that you drove across the GTA to educate us. You changed our lives completely! Marja continues to have her doggy friends and her doggy enemies, but we totally "get" her most of the time now. Our fear has gone. Her fear is rare. Homemade liver treats go on every single walk and they work! What a difference those three hours made to our fur-baby and us.
Thank you!!! Just wanted you to know that we are in a good place now. Hope you are too!
Cheers! Jane & Michael...and Marja