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Our Services

Fangs But No Fangs is pleased to offer the following services. Don’t see what you think you need? Please email us at for more information.

TRAVEL FEES – Mileage is charged one way from Ancaster, ON (Hamilton area). The first 35km are free, with a $.50/Km charge thereafter. The 407 fees may be included in your estimate. 


Regular In-Home Behavior Consultations

Cost: $275.00 + HST

The best place to see you and your dog is at home, where you live, eat, and play. This is the real world, not a training hall or a clinic office. The Regular In-Home Consultation is the preferred tool for most behaviour consultations. We work together to give you a completely customized plan for success right where you live.

One On One In-Home Behaviour Consultations

Virtual Behavior Consultation

Cost: $275.00 + HST

Virtual consultations offer unvaccinated clients and others a chance to join in on the learning! Using technology such as bluetooth ear buds or headsets, cell phones, and tablets, it is possible to do a virtual consultation AND live action coaching as well.

Puppy Prep Consultation – 60 Minutes

Cost: $200.00 + HST

The ideal way to get off on the right foot with your new puppy and prevent problems before they occur. The focus is on safety management, house training, preventing separation anxiety, nipping, crating, and all things puppy. This visit is best for pups under 6-months. You receive bullet notes from the consultation, the recorded audio transcription, and handout

Puppy Prep Consultation

ITREAT Protocol Shelter Training

Full Day and Half Day Seminars and Workshops to train staff on the implementation of The ITREAT Protocol.

Behavioural Assessments and Reports and Muzzle Order Or DD Appeals

Assessment and provision of formal written recommendation (1 hour Assessment and 1 hour document creation) Behavioural Assessments (60 Minute + Formal Written Report Assistance in appealing: Muzzle Order Nuisance Barking / Behavior Dangerous Dog Designation Civil Case disputes

Services For Rescues

Abridged Behavior Consultation (60 Minutes) Services Behavioural Assessments (60 Minute + Formal Written Report(These services are available for Registered Rescue Organizations at a substantially discounted rate. This rate applies ONLY when the Rescue is directly paying for the consultation and must be coordinated through a representative of the Rescue. Rates upon request)Cost: Please contact FBNF for more information

Animal Shelter Assessments

35 Minutes Assessment done using The ITREAT Protocol – includes provision of written report and recommendations for adoptability or placement

Expert Witness Court Testimony

Court appearance and testimony

Professional Development Training

Full Day, Half Day, and Working Lunchtime Seminars and Workshops for Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Doggie Day-Care, Boarding, Dog Walkers and more. Past groups have included The Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario Yearly Conference Toronto Animal Services Yearly Professional Development Meetings And more!

Telephone Behaviour Consultations

Price: $200 + HST flat rate based on 60-minute call

Telephone consultations are also available. There are 2 service options: the Standard Telephone Consultation or the Full-Service Telephone Consultation. Standard Telephone Consultation: Includes Bullet point summary and Supplementary handouts. Price: $75 for 1st half hour / $50 for each additional half hour or any part thereof. Full-Service Telephone Consultation: Includes Bullet point summary and Supplementary handouts. Includes the 100+ page Fully Customized Behavior Consult Report and Personalized Training Guide

Public Seminars

Price: $200 + HST flat rate based on 60-minute call

Seminar Presentations are 3 hours in length (15 minute intermission included), but modified lengths and topics are available. Contact us for more information. Seminar Topics • AGGRESSION • BODY LANGUAGE • MULTI-DOG HOUSEHOLDS • DOMINANCE DEBUNKED • MOTIVATION • HOW DOGS LEARN • SHY DOGS • FOSTERING FOR SUCCESS

Baby Prep

Price: $200 + HST + Travel Where Applicable

This one-hour in-home visit helps you to begin the process of preparing your pup for their newest playmate. There are many things that you can do and plan for ahead of time to ready your dog for all the changes that lie ahead. This visit covers training, equipment, supplements, environment, and behavioural dos and don’ts for both two and four legged family members. Visit includes notes and plan from the consultation, supplementary handouts, unlimited e-mail follow-up at no extra charge, and up to 5 free video reviews of client uploaded videos to Marco Polo (free app).