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We value our clients' experience at Fangs But No Fangs

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since our training session together! I just wanted to give you an update on S. The anxiety medication has been working great for us. It’s allowed us overcome so much. We are going on walks together!! Which I thought would never happen (we couldn’t even leash her). She’s been traveling in the car, playing with other dogs, she’s letting other people pet her (mostly just my family). She finally becoming a normal, happy dog. 😊We are working hard on training good walking habits and trying to work with her on when people come over and not barking.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again. You really gave us the push we needed!


Just a quick update on T. He is doing really well. I took him to the dog park and sat on the van letting him watch dogs and did the look at me and feed. After four visits he just lays down beside me.
When we walk on the street he is not reacting to the dogs only one he did a little grumbled but said look at me and feed feed. The look at me is working so well. I also have him walking in a group dog walk and he is so happy and does so well. I just am trying it once a week for a month.  I am very proud of him.
Thank you for all your tips they have all been so helpful.


We are so glad we signed up for Scholars in Collars classes! We loved our classes with Joan and Shannon, our great instructors. They were patient, informative, helpful and we enjoyed their sense of humour and even a few laughs.  L got even more excited with Joan but think she was so happy with the class content, fun and stimulation.  We have had her since July 2023 and she has learned a lot. With the class training she seems closer giving us more trust, love and a stronger bond.  Thank you for your assistance with equipment and for the best training program we have ever been to.


I continue to work with my girl with all the strategies you suggested! I just wanted to share a “success” she had this morning. We were waiting at the park for a friend to arrive when all of a sudden a dog came charging out of a car towards her- it was not barking but I was not sure what my dog’s reaction would be- so we started to walk and feed treats and she did not react at all!!! No barking , quite calm!!!! I will continue to work with her and we continue to go to Scholars in Collar’s for advanced brain games!! I have told many dog owners about the help and training we got from you!!
Thank you again!

Hello Joan,

All information well received. Thank you! It was really nice to spend Sunday afternoon with you. This was the very first time that I feel so relaxed having a class / consultation with a professional pertaining our four legs kids. It was fun instead!! Thank you for making it easy for us. Will definitely keep you posted their progress.
With warmest regards, W

Hi Joan,
It has been almost 2 full years since you worked with us and our rescued golden, Marja. We think of you often and are ever grateful that you drove across the GTA to educate us. You changed our lives completely! Marja continues to have her doggy friends and her doggy enemies, but we totally “get” her most of the time now. Our fear has gone. Her fear is rare. Homemade liver treats go on every single walk and they work! What a difference those three hours made to our fur-baby and us.
Thank you!!! Just wanted you to know that we are in a good place now. Hope you are too!
Cheers! Jane & Michael…and Marja
Hi Joan!
Sorry to bother you on a weekend I just had to tell you about my walk today. We went for a 25 min walk around our neighbourhood at 3:15 this afternoon. We had some dogs bark at us but kept walking and treating/saying yes and she was excited but kept walking. We then had to pass another dog who was walking the other way on the other side of the street. She did great! Or at least MUCH better.
THANK YOU for all your help. I never thought I’d see the day she’d pass another dog without completely losing it.