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About Us

Fangs But No Fangs works with all types of behavioural issues involving you and your dog. I specialize in aggression, but I am by no means limited to just that field. Some of the problems that pet owners call for help with include:

 Aggressive behaviour towards strangers, aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, possessiveness, dominance issues, growling or snapping at the owners, inappropriate behaviour with children, shyness, housebreaking, stealing food, lunging or growling while on leash at dogs or people, destructiveness in the home, inappropriate barking, chasing cars, bikes and squirrels while on or off leash, inappropriate play with the family or other dogs, dog sibling issues including fighting or barking, generally rude, overly exuberant greeting behaviours, And more! I work with all sizes of dogs and all sizes of problems to resolve your issues before they get out of hand!

Work With A Leading Canine Behaviourist

I’m often asked what my approach is to the consultation and training. The answer depends on you, not me. People learn in different ways and there are going to be different lines in the sand for different owners. The key to being successful is in our ability to work together to find a solution, not for me to bark orders at you in a ‘my way or the highway’ approach. The most consistent part of my training is that the same principals of ‘fear-free’ and ‘do no harm’ apply to both ends of the leash. I’m not coming to judge you or your dog. We’re all on the same side. A successful trainer or consultant is the person who can pick up on your strong points as an owner, and use them to your greatest advantage. We work together.

Fangs But No Fangs is proud to work using current scientifically supported teaching techniques. Our methodology is change through appropriate application of learning theory and resource control. I do not promote confrontational or force based methods.

IAABC Certified

We Provide Behavioural Consulting

We can help to modify or change your dog’s unwanted behaviours using scientifically proven techniques that are both humane and effective.

Years Of Experience

Decades of experience working with all types of dogs.

Fear Free Certified

Joan Weston: M.A.Ed, IAABC Certified Canine Behavior Consultant

Joan grew up in Great Neck, Long Island, just outside New York City. After receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Joan re-located to Toronto to pursue graduate research in Motor Learning and Sport Psychology, areas that would form the foundation for her career in training and behavior. She received her Masters Degree in Education from Central Michigan University in 2017, and was Certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as a Canine Behaviorist in May of 2018.

She is a head instructor at Scholars in Collars Dog Training located in Burlington, Ontario. The school, whose curriculum is based on science and positive training methods, has won the Readers’ Choice Award for best dog training school 21 years in a row, a remarkable testament to both the trainers and the methods.

Joan spent many years as a professor at Durham College, where she designed and implemented the Animal Behavior course for the Animal Care Certificate Program. An innovative and engaging teacher, she brought out the best in her students while upholding high standards for academics and learning.

She is also the author of The ITREAT Protocol: An Integrated Approach to the Assessment, Training, and Adoption of Shelter Dogs. This is a revolutionary tool for humane societies and animal shelters providing a unique all-in-one program to help increase adoption rates and improve animal welfare.

Joan is also a regular presenting speaker for professional development programs held by Toronto Animal Services and the Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario.

A talented and entertaining writer, Joan also maintains a popular blog, and was honored to be nominated for the Dog Writers of America – Excellence in Journalism Award for her Dogs on the Couch column.

A lifelong dog owner and lover, she trains her bulldogs in a wide variety of activities, including competitive obedience, agility, disc, freestyle, and hearing service dog assistance. If you’ve seen her performing with her bulldog PotRoast on stage with the Woofjocks or the Canine Stars, then you’ve laughed along at their crowd pleasing antics and seen the power of positive training in action! When she isn’t performing with her bullies, she can be found on the ice, tending goal for her Stoney Creek Oldtimers’ team and trying to get them to a championship. She was honored with the Bronze T from the University of Toronto, and represented the USA at the Inaugural Women’s World Hockey Championships in 1987.

Jamie Weston: Director

Jamie was born and raised in Toronto. She has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Jamie is involved in bulldog and pug rescue in the province of Ontario and has volunteered with various therapy dog programs.

Jamie is the “voice” of our organization; she serves as the primary point-of-contact for clients, is responsible for managing the day-to-day aspects of our organization by sending service and pricing information to clients; scheduling behavioural consults and puppy prep visits; administering our website; and scheduling seminars.

On a personal note, Jamie serves with various volunteer organizations. Jamie can be reached via email at